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Cupponen is a fiber-based, compostable seedling pot for salads, herbs and plants

Bionido Oy is a Finnish start-up company having roots in the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology.

We are making cross-disciplinary development enabling low-plastic farming.



Cupponen is a Future way of growing salads, herbs and plants/flowers which we are bringing to the market already today.

Cupponen has been developed based on commercial greenhouse farmers requirements and expectations on reducing the use plastic in farming. It is part of circular horticulture.

The product is patented in Finland, and patent applications have been filed international as well.

Cupponen has been awarded a prize by the Finnish Glasshouse Growers’ Association (Kauppapuutarhaliitto) as a new and innovative product and being part of solutions enabling low carbon future.


Why Cupponen?


Raw material comes from certified, sustainably managed forests


Opens up great opportunities to low-plastic, recyclable products, it is an elemental part of circular horticulture

After composting Cupponen can be re-used as soil improvement material

Inline with the goals set by EU Green Deal and  ”Low Carbon Investment (LCI) Registry Taxonomy for agricultural activities”


The level of automation will be increased in the future: hydroponic (NFT) cultivation systems are already here

Urban farming is becoming more professional

Farming needs to be possible in more and more extreme conditions: draught, erosion, extreme coldness and sudden, unexpected changes of weather conditions


Our product

Cupponen for salads


Cupponen for herbs


Cupponen for plants, table cultivation


Cupponen is produced in the most common seedling pot sizes.

Cupponen is designed to function in automated planting lines and in the hydroponic (NFT) cultivation systems currently in use.


Contact information

Eeva Jernström


+ 358 (0)40 557 0918

eeva.jernstrom (at)

Juha Varis


+ 358 (0)400 258 588

juha.varis (at)